HR Management Consultancy


Central Wings International Ltd. provides solution to maintain high standards in employment practices. We help you to protect your business and employees from the risks associated with inappropriate HR operations.


Central Wings International Ltd provides extensive variety of human resources consulting services to various types of organizations from different industries. Most of the clients are multinational organizations with their own manufacturing base in China. Improvement programs will be designed for clients after HR audit has been conducted. Such improvement programs consist of 2 categories – one is overall HR operations improvement program and the other is specific improvement program such as performance management system, salary / benefit structure modification, employee relations program, staff recruitment and retention program, merge & acquisition and so on.


All our consultants have gained over 15 years solid experience in senior Human Resource Management with extensive knowledge of employment law and HR best practice to bring together a suite of services including HR support, outsourced HR Solutions, HR training, Equality Advice and Mediation of Workplace Conflict. Our Consultants provide a professional and affordable approach to human resource management services with a particular emphasis on personalized solutions for clients.


The services offered by Central Wings International Ltd have been devised specifically to provide a personalized offering to clients based on our understanding of the challenges faced by many employers in relation to employment related legislations and how it relates to people management.