About us

Central Wings International Limited is the gateway for potential customers wanting to do business in China. Wide links with domestic manufacturers have made us a reliable bridge between domestic manufacturers in China and overseas customers. Our clients come from nations around the world.


Our concept is to be part of your solution, not part of your problem.  We focus on meeting your needs from initial inquiry, lowering prices, managing production, and following the product door-to-door through our logistics services.


Central Wings International Limited is a fast-paced company striving to meet greater present and future demands, thus we will continue to explore and provide our customers with higher quality and service.


Central Wings International Limited is your best business partner. We are willing to enter into business relationship with reputed company on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, and we view the future as bright. Let facts prove our impeccable services so as to reciprocate your long-term trust and forceful support.